The spectacular images of Jimena Pérez “La Choco” through the streets of Madrid, after the historic snowfall left by Filomena

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The Mexican presenter, Jimena Pérez, known as “La Choco”, This weekend enjoyed the spectacular snowfall that Madrid collapsed, the most important that has been recorded in that city in the last 60 years.
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Through her Instagram account, the former host of Windowing showed images in which you can see the havoc it left in its wake the storm Filomena, which hit central and eastern Spain between Thursday and Saturday.

“Good morning Helsinki. Warm kisses from Madrid at -4ºC ”, wrote the famous 40-year-old on her account.

In your social network stories, Jimena Pérez shared videos and photographs taken in some famous enclaves of Madrid, such as Puerta de Alcalá, or Cibeles, known for being the roundabout where Real Madrid fans celebrate their team’s titles.


In all the publications it is observed how an important layer of snow covered not only the monuments, but also vehicles, asphalt on roads, buildings and trees, creating prints in which white is the main protagonist.

Along with her children, the driver toured the streets of the Salamanca neighborhood, one of the most luxurious in the center of Madrid, and showed how the Goya Metro station was completely besieged by snow. Also, in another of the clips, he explained that the supermarket shelves were empty, after the emergency situation caused by Filomena.

After causing a significant snowfall last Thursday, meteorologists They warned early on Friday that Filomena’s worst was yet to come, and they explained to the people of Madrid that the red alert had been decreed due to the expected snow conditions, a rather unusual situation.

In a few hours, the powerful storm left more than half a meter thick in many parts of Madrid, and it forced the closure of the main airport, Adolfo Suárez Barajas, preventing the circulation of even emergency vehicles.

Important hospitals such as Gregorio Marañón, La Paz, or Nurse Isabel Zendal, they were inaccessible due to the amount of snow that accumulated outside, and the toilets could not travel to their work centers.

One of the photographs that the Mexican presenter uploaded to her account (Photo: Instagram @jimenachoco)

The white cloak that covered the Spanish capital, however, became a claim for many citizens, who like “La Choco”, They went out for a walk and to take photographs, despite the request of the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to avoid travel as much as possible.

Among the most striking images, stand out people skiing on the Gran Vía, a pitched battle of snowballs in the Plaza de Callao, or a crowd that danced to the rhythm of the song “Not a single word”, by Paulina Rubio, in the Plaza del Sol.

Still this Sunday, November 11, con a large part of the operations at the airport are suspended, where terminals 1, 2 and 3 remain closed, and at number four, airlines such as Air Europa have had to cancel their flights.

According to the authorities, at this time the top priority is to clear the accesses to the hospitals; an activity in which the Spanish Army is already working.

Jimena starred in an emotional moment in "Ventaneando", in July 2019, after announcing that she was leaving the program due to her young son

In July 2019, Jimena Pérez surprised by announcing that she was leaving Windowing. Although then numerous versions emerged about the reason for his departure from the evening, the driver confirmed in an interview with Infobae Mexico that he was leaving the program due to the health of his son Iñaki, who was then four years old.

“People who are watching me and have children know that whatever little thing happens with children, one does not sleep, if you add so many things that they invent for you, that if you have problems with your boss, with your husband, with your colleagues, with your family, it is very complicated because in reality your mind and your concern is in something else that people do not know, “said the presenter.

“La Choco” explained that the doctors had not yet established a definitive diagnosis of the child’s neurological condition, but said that in Spain he could receive therapy, so they decided to move to Europe.

“We are leaving for a while, because precisely when this type of disorder occurs, time is key”added.

From that moment, the couple resides in Madrid with their children. Although goodbye is not forever, and they plan to return to Mexico in the future.

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