The Survivalists Review: The Charm of Survival

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After The Escapist the guys of Team17 unleash another product destined to seriously endanger the free time of many players.

review The Survivalists Review: the charm of survival

A shipwreck, an island to be explored and monkeys ready to represent the unlikely workforce for the construction of your very personal tropical paradise: this is the crazy premise behind The Survivalists, one of the most surprising survival on which you could happen to get your hands on in this period. Conceived by the guys of Team17, authors of the famous saga of The Escapists (here the review of The Escapists), this colorful survival title is based on rather simple premises, but it will only take you a few minutes to see its enormous potential with extreme clarity, especially in the face of rather unexpected mechanics for what concerns the interaction with the monkeys mentioned in the opening.

A sea of ​​possibilities

Everything, as mentioned above, begins with your shipwreck on an unknown island where you will wake up without knowing anything about your past or the reasons that led you there, and the only thing you can count on will be very few useful resources to support you in the very first minutes of your adventure. Thanks to a valuable tutorial and full localization in Italian, the impact with the world of The Survivalists will however be extremely sweet, allowing you to better understand all the basic functions in a very short time.

From this point of view it is also appreciable that the survival nature of the production is not particularly marked but it represents only a functional addition to enrich the experience without ever making it too punitive or merciless in the eyes of the player (if on the contrary you are looking for a hard and pure survival here is the Don’t Starve review). During the game you will have to worry only about a vital energy indicator, easily manageable through the regular consumption of food, and one of stamina, continuously recharging. Forget therefore having to worry about the hydration, the accumulated fatigue or the body temperature of your castaway, because in The Survivalists you can focus exclusively on the evolution of your tropical adventure.

Exactly with The Escapists, The Survivalists is also a product extremely intuitive in its mechanics, but this does not mean that mastering it adequately and truly completely (in order to appreciate every little nuance) still requires time and also a certain commitment. Nothing transcendental, in any case, and this also thanks to a detailed tutorial capable of explaining each game mechanics with clarity and simplicity, which you can easily recall at any time.

What follows is therefore an experience focused on the collection of resources, on a crafting system that will become progressively wider and more stimulating with the passing of the minutes and above all on the exploration, the true beating heart of a product that will reserve surprises with a truly unexpected frequency throughout its course. In short, a true paradise for anyone looking for a stimulating survival and full of ideas, but never really frustrating.

A monkey as a friend

Beyond its survival component and the exploration phases which, as mentioned, are an almost inexhaustible source of surprises throughout the course of the adventure,

The Survivalists also offers several ideas for crafting enthusiasts through a creation system that is as simple as it is full of possibilities. Each tool or building created will in fact cause new and more complex ones to be unlocked, offering continuous pretexts to continue experimenting with different objects or structures with the sole purpose of discovering what they could lead to once they are made. This makes the inevitably satisfying progression even for those who are not particularly familiar with this videogame genre, especially by virtue of a game element that cannot be underestimated: the monkeys!

Well yes, net of all its great ideas, what makes The Survivalists shine in a particular way are the monkeys and the possibility of using them to carry out the most diverse activities. Do you hate to engage in collecting material? Let a monkey take care of it for you. Do you want to try your hand at exploration but are you afraid that some wild animal or strange creature could put your safety at risk? Don’t worry, you can have a monkey take care of your safety. In a nutshell The Survivalists offers the player the chance to automate any game mechanics with the help of pets, and the good news is that managing this kind of dynamics shines with a truly disarming simplicity.

In fact, all you have to do is select a previously tamed monkey and show it the action to be performed: once this is done, the animal will start replicating the activity just learned until you tell it to stop, also increasing its effectiveness in act in question through a progressive gain of experience, also completely automated. In short, as it is easy to guess, a few tens of minutes will be enough to automate any action that does not suit you, to focus your attention almost exclusively on what will be most important to you.

And the almost is unfortunately not entirely coincidental. Beyond the goodness of the system and its ease of use, it is undeniable that everything requires your regular supervision in order to function properly. If, for example, thanks to the progressive wear of tools, a monkey should be left without the necessary tool to carry on its business, it will stop waiting for you to provide it with another one. Nothing particularly challenging to manage, mind you, but when you have several monkeys at your service, having to worry about the possible problems of each one could be a bit tedious.

In this sense, we would also have liked that, once a particular “teaching” has been given, it could be easily recalled without requiring, every time, the repetition of the learning process for each monkey but, even in this case, this is not a defect which alters the pace of play in a particular way.

Beyond these small considerations, the system is therefore more than solid, being also enriched by the possibility of customize individual monkeys through a nice editor, who will certainly make the happiness of anyone who wants to concentrate their time on exploration and cooperative. At the time of writing this article, unfortunately, it has not yet been possible to test this function, but the prospect of being able to collaborate with up to three friends to explore, complete missions or dedicate oneself to particularly elaborate constructions, it undoubtedly promises to be functional to exponentially increase the longevity of a product that seems to be able to give, already in single, dozens and dozens of hours of fun.

Technically speaking, finally, The Survivalists proposes a realization in line with The Escapists, opting for a style that is not very elaborate but at the same time very accurate in detail. The visual impact with the reality of the game is therefore pleasant in its absolute simplicity, and the same can be said for the audio sector, capable of ensuring a pleasant accompaniment without ever being too invasive or redundant. This is thanks to the alternation between background songs and sound effects aimed at recreating the typical atmosphere of a tropical island, making the day / night cycle that governs the game world stand out in a more than satisfactory way.

In short, waiting for the return of Worms, how about keeping Team17 company on a desolate tropical paradise?

The Survivalists
The SurvivalistsVersion Analyzed PlayStation 4The Survivalists proves to be a product of excellent quality, capable of combining depth and accessibility in a surprising way to create an experience that will certainly satisfy both the purists of the genre (without ever boring them) and above all any newbies looking for an excuse to move their first steps in the world of survival. Exactly like The Escapists, The Survivalists manages to reinterpret the typical canons of its genre of belonging in a unique way, opening the doors to an original adventure from every point of view, which can reserve great emotions both in single and in the company of their friends. . The limits of production are in fact rather marginal and considering the post-launch support that the development team usually ensures for its creations, we do not exclude that they may even be contained in the near future.