The visual style of watchOS comes to the iPhone thanks to this tweak

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If you have an Apple Watch, it probably caused you doubt at first how Apple designed an interesting visual style for a small screen. Now thanks to a tweak created by a developer in the jailbreak environment, it is possible to change the traditional iOS interface for one very similar to watchOS.

If you’re jailbrokening your iPhone, it’s time to try a new watchOS-based visual style

Developer Blake Boxberger created the Honey app for iOS 11 and 12, in which users who obtain it can configure the screen interface to watchOS mode. As we well know, Apple does not allow customization in detail as it happens in Android.

The jailbreak emerged as an alternative to be able to customize and install different themes and functions that do not come by default. This means that your device is somehow subject to critical flaws and potential vulnerabilities through malware. If you are in a stable version and you trust the installation of these apps, you could try Honey without any difficulty.

The design is simple, the apps change from square to round. According to the navigation, you will be able to appreciate the apps that make up the home screen as if you were browsing on an Apple Watch.

How to install Honey on my jailbroken iPhone

In addition to obtaining this visual style, you can customize the shape of the icons. If you want them to be circular (as it comes by default in Honey) or to be square icons.

To install Honey, you will have to make a payment of $ 2.99 dollars to install the repository Dynastic Repo. This “skin” does not allow the removal of apps directly as it happens in the default way. The developer has commented that he intends make a correction (among others) so that it can be done very soon.

If you want to see a small clip of its operation, a user on Twitter uploaded a few seconds of video and you can see the tweak on an iPhone.

Do you have the jailbreak installed on your iPhone? Leave us your comments if this tweak has been to your liking on the social networks of Facebook and Twitter of iOSMac.

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