The WhatsApp and Instagram system is down, what happened?

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Brian Adam
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The system that powers the WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook platforms has fallen in various parts of the world. Just moments ago, social networks like Twitter erupted with comments from users concerned about the sudden failure.

This would not be the first time that WhatsApp has a bug like this. But, as on previous occasions, the situation has caused the world to upset with an abrupt stoppage of all its activities. What is further enhanced in the midst of the pandemic era where most communications are made through this type of platform.

The situation of WhatsApp and Instagram has affected the whole world

According to the reports of the DownDetector portal, which specializes in reporting these types of problems, the system of the three platforms has crashed and presents failures in different parts of the world.

By now, the problem of this triad of social networks already appears as the most popular trends on Twitter. The other platform that has become known for being the reference point of the public to report the situation (or to verify that it is not just a problem with its signal).

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