The Workman’s Club Presents The Sustainable Fashion Dublin Flea Market

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The Workman’s Club & Sustainable Fashion Dublin Supported by Roe & Co-Present THE SUSTAINABLE FASHION DUBLIN FLEA MARKETFirst Flea – Saturday, 16 November 12 – 5 pm

We are sustainably and suitably thrilled to present The Sustainable Fashion Dublin Flea Market. Happening at our gaff, and supported by Roe & Co Whiskey, this will be a monthly celebration of sustainable fashion in its entirety – complete with DJ sets, workshops, panel talks, screenings, cocktails (for the over 18s amongst us) and some seriously sweet sustainability vibes. 

The very first flea will take place at The Workman’s Club on Saturday, 16 November from 12 noon to 5 pm

Every month will see the entire first floor filled with stall traders showcasing rails and rails of gorgeous pieces; from individuals selling their own preloved gems to vintage hoarders and of course local artisan and sustainable vendors. Whilst the flea market itself will be FREE to enter, there will also be a range of upcycling workshops taking place throughout the day – costing a fraction of the usual price – which people can buy tickets in advance via the Sustainable Fashion Dublin Instagram page. Join in on the workshops, check out panel discussions with industry movers-and-groovers, as well as documentary screenings and more. 

We are even more excited to team up with two of Ireland’s finest sustainable fashion purveyors – the unbeatable duo Taz Kelleher and Geraldine Carton – who is running the show and will be masterminding each and every flea at ours. 

Taz and Geraldine are the co-founders of Sustainable Fashion Dublin, an awareness-raising and events platform that aims to highlight the negative effects of the fast fashion industry whilst providing a positive alternative: the circular economy.

By hosting panel discussions and events such as swap shops, upcycling workshops, clothes-mending classes and charity shop crawls (open to either the general public or in a private capacity for businesses and schools), Geraldine and Taz aim to show people how the easiest (and most cost-effective) way to upgrade your wardrobe is by elongating the lifespan of clothing that we already have in circulation on this planet right now.

Geraldine & Taz!
left to Right Geraldine & Taz!

‘In a time when we are seeing a truck-load of clothing going to landfill/ incineration every day; when young people have up to 400% more clothing than their parents did before them – the reality is that we do not need more clothing. We need to utilise the clothing that is already on this earth and essentially do more with less. ..But that doesn’t mean that things need to be all doom and gloom either!’ Taz and Geraldine

The SFD girls are hell-bent on showing people just how colourful, fun and expressive sustainable fashion can be, and they are passionate about the fact that shopping sustainably definitely doesn’t always have to mean underwear made out of hemp, or trousers made out of granola, ya know yourself. 

Shopping from local suppliers, giving clothing a second life (ie buying second-hand) is an intrinsically sustainable way of upgrading our wardrobes, and a far less carbon-heavy alternative to shopping on the high street, and it’s for this reason that flea markets are such a positive alternative. Cue the Sustainable Fashion Flea Market! Flea markets have long been a beloved aspect of Irish community life; giving individuals the chance to come together and support local artisan suppliers and creators, and engage in the circular economy by making a thrifty purchase from anyone vintage and preloved stall-holders that are often in operation. Following the devastating demise of the monthly Dublin Flea Market events, The Sustainable Fashion Dublin Flea hopes to fill the gap that it left.’

The first Sustainable Fashion Dublin Flea Market Workshop will see Geraldine and Taz host a special HOLEY MOLEY Patchwork Workshop. Attendees are invited to bring items of clothing that have holes in them and learn how to patch them up with pizzazz, colour and style. Tickets for this workshop are €15 and will be available from Monday, 11 November. Grab your tickets via the Sustainable Fashion Dublin Instagram page. Move quick, spots are limited and once they’re gone, they’re gone.