There will be subscriptions to enjoy some extras in your Tesla vehicle

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Interior of a Tesla vehicle.

Thanks to reverse engineering it is possible to know the plans that some companies are preparing, which are gradually implementing new services or products that they are going to commercialize in their software. And in the case of Tesla it is especially relevant because so far, those extras that we could add to our car were for a single payment, and the possibility of subscribing to a monthly cost rate was not contemplated.

As we tell you, it has been an owner of a Model 3 who has found a function that could soon reach all EVs in the form of an update, and that would allow users to choose between buying a product or simply subscribing to it, in such a way that it will only be available in those months in which you pay. An idea that can be very interesting for such important extras such as, for example, the autopilot, which has a price of 7,500 euros and that if we decide to hire it with this monthly format, it would be much more accessible.

At the moment it is not operational

As you can see in the screenshot published on Reddit that you have just below, you can see an image in which for a very specific product, two possibilities would appear: either the direct purchase, forever, or the hiring of a subscription to pay quietly month by month. Of course, it must be said that the user who got that image did not reveal what service it would have been designed for but, as we mentioned before, autonomous driving is the one with the most possibilities of being marketed in this new mode.

Did some reverse engineering on the app and Tesla looks to be preparing for subscriptions? from Tesla motors

It should be remembered that the first indications that Tesla could be working on subscription models for certain services and extras of its cars occurred last April, when those responsible for that leak spoke openly that the arrival of these products would be by the end of this year. Now, the silence in networks of Elon Musk, so close to revealing the company’s plans in response to other users, especially Twitter, is suspicious, so on this occasion it seems that the Australian prefers to remain silent to reveal what would be one of the most revolutionary movements (in the automotive industry) in the business model of North Americans around the services and extras they offer within their ecosystem of electric cars.

Anyway, that Tesla wants to provide all its customers with access to the most expensive packs of extras thanks to a subscription, does not mean that the company considers that the single payment, for example the FSD (full self-driving) pack, is the one that provides the greatest value to the clients. This was stated by the CEO himself, when he stated that “It will still make sense to buy FSD as an option, as in our opinion, buying FSD is an investment going forward. And we are sure that it is an investment that will pay off for the consumer, for their benefit. “

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