There won’t be HomePod 2 this year, but there will be a smaller mini model

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The HomePod is, surely, the Apple device that has performed the worst in terms of sales since it has barely reached the impact that at some point those of Cupertino came to imagine. Further, It didn’t help too much that its launch was staggered, that units sold in one country were not compatible in another or that its price would triple what other models of Google, Amazon, etc. cost.

So with this panorama we arrive at next week, at which time it seems that Apple will present its new iPhone 12 and the odd goddie, such as one of these smart speakers that carry Siri in their guts and that allow you to listen to music with a certain quality. Now, all those who were preparing for the landing of a HomePod 2 should be removing the idea from their heads because the movements of Tim Cook seem to point in another direction.

A smaller model

As reported by some leakers who regularly report on Apple news, Americans are going to introduce a new HomePod next week, which would be smaller and with a cut price compared to the model that you have right now for sale for 329 euros on the official website. It would be a model with a more compact size but broadly respecting the design identity of the original 2018 model.

there is no HomePod2 this year only have mini one

– 有 没有 搞 措 (@ L0vetodream) October 7, 2020

This new HomePod Mini would reach the market with all the functions that the Apple smart speaker has been gaining in recent years through different updates, and that have been, in part, to blame for the poor acceptance of the brand’s own fans: compatibility with Handoff, ambient sounds and multi-room audio, to enjoy a kind of background music in different rooms, voice detection for several different users , etc. But above all, it remains to be seen that this device is capable of being opened to other apps to make it easier for us to listen to music even if we do not have an Apple Music subscription.

This HomePod Mini it could include only two tweeters, instead of the seven with the model that is currently on sale, which will not only reduce its final sale price, but will also help reduce costs and bring it closer to the competition that those from Cupertino have thanks to Google’s Nest Home or Amazon’s Echo.