These are the 10 curious winning apps of the Google Machine Learning competition

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These are the 10 curious winning apps of the Google Machine Learning competition

Google is used to conducting competitions and recognition of applications in different areas, such as the Google Play Awards, while on other occasions they focus more on the use of specific solutions to create applications. The last challenge of Android Developers was looking for applications that used new ways to solve problems, and Google has chosen its ten winners.

Out of hundreds of participants, Google selected ten applications. With the help of the technical resources of Google and Machine LearningThese, applications have become a reality and are already published and ready to download from Google Play.



Agrodoc is an application that helps farmers diagnose plant diseases and create a treatment plan. For diagnosis, it is used the mobile camera to take a photo of the leaves of the plant.




Agrifarm is an idea very similar to that of the previous application. It is an application for detectar diseases in plants and crops. The application seeks to avoid damage to crops of fruits and vegetables, with diagnosis with the mobile camera, related articles and other useful tools.




Eskke is an application for manage payments and finances in Congo. With the application, you can transfer money, pay bills, buy subscriptions, withdraw money. All this with the advantage that many of the functions can be carried out without an Internet connection.

Eskke – Transactions Mobile Money



Leepi is an application for learning the language of gestures American. To do this, a virtual avatar shows you the most complex letter gestures, symbols and expressions so you can repeat them. The application will observe how you repeat the gestures -using the camera- and will tell you how you have done it, without connecting to the Internet.

Leepi – Learn American Sign Language

  • Developer: Leepi
  • Download it at: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Education



Mixpose is the application of a Livestream platform for yoga teachers and students and fitness professionals. In the application, artificial intelligence is used to detect the movements and positions of the user.

Yoga Live Stream | MixPose

  • Developer: MixPose
  • Download it at: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Health and wellness

Path finder


PathFinder is an interesting application designed to help people with vision problems. To do this, use the mobile camera to record the movements of objects on the street and alert you with an alarm if it detects that one of these objects is going to get in your way.


Snore and Cough


Snore and Cough is an application that helps you analyze and identify your snoring. The app records your snoring and coughing at night and you can listen to it the next morning. The app uses Machine Learning to detect the above snoring and coughing.

Snore and Cough: Detect and record snore and cough



Stila is an application that, together with a device with Wear OS or a Fitbit, can monitor your body’s stress level. To do this, analyze the pattern of your pulsations and obtain a computerized stress result.




Trashly is an application that helps you recycle. To do this, you can use the mobile camera to take a photo of the object you want to recycle, and the application will help you classify whether it is plastic, paper, bags, bottles, as well as showing you nearby recycling points and related information.

Trashly – Recycling Made Easy



Finally, Unodogs is an application of dog health and calorie counter. The application offers you a personalized exercise plan for dogs of all breeds and ages, with a calorie counter and synchronization with Fitbark, the wearable for dogs.

Calorie counter & fitness app for dogs – UnoDogs

More information | Google

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