These are the best programs to record screen in Windows 10

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If we are content creators, streamers or simply want to share something of what we are doing on our computer with other people, the option to record the screen can be very useful to create videos, record our favorite games or create a video tutorial of some application. If you need to learn how to record screen or know which tools are the best for these purposes, keep reading because then we are going to talk about the most popular applications or programs with which you will be able to record the screen of your Windows 10 computer.


What is a screen recorder for?

In general terms, a screen recorder is an application or a program that allows us to record what happens on our monitor. In addition, these types of tools later allow us to export what we have recorded in video format. These types of applications are usually very useful to be able to record explanatory videos, video tutorials or simply to record ourselves while we play one of our favorite video games.

To record our screen we will normally use an application dedicated to that purpose, but if for any reason we do not want to install any extra application on our computer we can do it in two other ways.

Game bar

Windows 10 includes its game bar function that allows us to record what happens on our screen and save it in valid video format to be able to see it later on other players. To start the game bar we must use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + G. At that moment the application will open and we can configure the parameters that best suit the content we want to create.


From the Powersoft website we can also record the content of our screen without having to install any application on our PC. The operation is quite simple. We click on the button “Start recording” the first time we do it, it will ask us to download an executable. Once installed, the recording console will open where we can configure the different parameters.

Once we finish the recording, it allows us to save the video locally or in the cloud. Furthermore, Powersoft allows us to export videos in MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, VOB, ASF, GIF formats.

Programs to record screen

If, on the other hand, you want to install an application to be able to record your PC screen because you are going to use it on a recurring basis, then we leave you a list with some of the most popular programs.

Icecream Screen recorder

The Icecream Screen Recorder application is a free program that allows us to record our screen for free. Among its main features we find the possibility of recording all or part of our screen, record audio and allow us to add notes to enhance a part of our video, we can add a logo, it has a small editing part that allows us to cut recordings , we can hide the mouse pointer, speed up or slow down the recording. Another very useful feature if we are dedicated to conducting video tutorials is that we can add an animation to the click of the mouse.


Another very popular screen recording program is Bandicam, which claims to be the best recording software for screen capture, games, and webcams.

The application allows you to record everything that happens on your screen and is capable of recording 2D / 3D games with video at 4K resolution and a refresh rate of up to 480 fps. Its main functions include the possibility of drawing or writing in real time on the video. We can add a webcam superimposed, record on a scheduled basis, mix our vox in the video we are recording, add effects and animations when we click with the mouse or use chroma effect to simulate a virtual background.

The full version has two versions. If we want a license for a computer it has a cost of 36’95 euros and if we need a license for two PC’s it has a cost of 54’96 euros. In addition, we can buy the Bandicam + Bandicut package for 55’95 euros.

OBS Studio

The popular OBS Studio application is well known for being used massively to stream video on platforms such as YouTube or Twitch. OBS Studio is capable of screen recording as well as being used for live streaming. The most popular features such as high-quality real-time video and sound capture and mixing, filters for video sources or the audio mixer to equalize the sound are also available when recording screen.


Action is another program that allows you to record screen, in this case we are faced with a very powerful and complete application that can be adapted to anyone who is dedicated to creating content.

Action! It allows us to record and broadcast our screen in real time. It has an intuitive interface with very handy configuration to be able to make recording settings in a simple and fast way. It has a green screen mode to be able to make a chroma effect and to be able to insert our image from the webcam superimposed on the image we want to show.

Not only does it allow the recording of our screen, but it is also capable of recording the image of our webcam or capture devices with USB or HDMI interface. To safeguard our privacy Action! It has a function in which we mark the application that we want to record by darkening the rest of the desktop so as not to show it. It adapts to the hardware of our PC so if we have enough power it allows us to record at 4K resolution and with an exceptionally high refresh rate.

It allows you to broadcast the video directly to the most popular streaming services such as Twitch or YouTube. It has an app that turns our phone into a remote control that allows us to control the recordings by starting or pausing them and allows us to monitor at all times the refresh rate at which we are recording, The price of Action! On! Screen and game recorder that marks its official website for 19’93 euros.


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