These are the news that Microsoft will bring to Edge, OneDrive and Outlook to take advantage of the potential of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

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These are the news that Microsoft will bring to Edge, OneDrive and Outlook to take advantage of the potential of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14

Yesterday was the day that Apple announced some of its new products. In the absence of the expected iPhone 12, we were able to meet the new Apple Watch Series 6, a cheap Watch and a new iPad. And along with the new models, we have seen the arrival of iOS 14, iPadoOS 14 and watchOS 7 announced in a few hours.

Apple releases new versions of its operating systems and in the case of iOS 14 (also iPadOS14), they will benefit in passing with the new functions, most of the applications in the App Store catalog if the developers so estimate. It is the case of Microsoft, which already has Outlook, OneDrive and Edge updates ready with a good handful of improvements and news that we now know.

Improvements and news

Outlook Default Copy

  • Default applications. A day ago we saw how Edge, in the beta version, could already be configured as the default browser on iOS. A possibility that now also reaches Outlook and the stable version of Edge.
  • If you have iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 installed you can add Microsoft Outlook and OneDrive on-screen widgets and thus be aware of our cloud or our agenda in a single glance.
Copy Widgets

  • If you use OneDrive with a personal account, you can see the photo memories with “In This Day” function, highlighting the photos taken that day in previous years, a function that reminds many of the one offered by Instagram. If, on the other hand, you do not have any photos on that day, the most recent photos that you have saved in the cloud will be displayed.
Outlook In Watch Copy

  • Microsoft Outlook gets better with the arrival of watchOS 7 and complications are optimized for email and calendar. Now the calendar complication will include an indication of whether our status is free or busy based on the color we have chosen for the Outlook calendar color and email.
  • In the case of iPadOS 14, Microsoft is updating the Outlook application to take advantage of the new capabilities and for example, users will be able to write their emails and messages by hand, to using the Scribble function, switch to electronic text.
  • They may add hand-drawn illustrations or diagrams to emails and you can use the stylus to type in your keyword search or fill in text fields to quickly schedule a meeting.
  • Outlook will also support Rich Format on iPadso once handwriting is converted to text, you can add extra structure and dimension to your email communications; just touch the symbol with the stylus on the keyboard to see the formatting options.
  • With iPadOS 14 you can use multitasking and open two applications at the same time. You can then open Outlook and Edge to copy and drag text and links into an email, helping you create and send attractive and informative emails.
Drag Copy

  • Microsoft Introduces Drag-and-Drop File Capability and photos in Outlook. This way you can open the Photos app at the same time as Outlook to drag and drop a selection of images as email attachments.
  • In addition, it is expected that by autumn, OneDrive will allow offline editing of Office files. Word, Excel or PowerPoint files can be downloaded to an iPhone or iPad to use while we are offline.

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