These are the six conspiracy theories about the Kennedy assassination

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John F. Kennedy was a politician who had to go through a large number of important historical events being the youngest president the country has had, which ended up consolidating him as one of the most loved by Americans. However, he is not only remembered for that, but for the attack with several bullet wounds that ended his life.

At the time, the culprit was found to be former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald. However, an assassination is no small thing, so people did not stick with that version and several conspiracy theories about the Kennedy assassination quickly emerged.

Let’s review which are these theories that arose from said incident and also which of them have been completely disproved.

The CIA got involved in the assassination

CIA logo

The American intelligence agency seems to be always involved in events of this kind, or at least that is the reputation they have earned. For this reason, this is one of the conspiracy theories of the Kennedy assassination that have become more famous today.

It is said that they not only organized the attack, but even a person from the agency was in charge of shooting. Another theory claims that the CIA was aware that an attack was planned that endangered Kennedy’s life, but did nothing to prevent it and they became accomplices.

One way or another, it is claimed that this entity was involved in the attack. In fact, there have even been movies made with this plot, like ‘JFK’, directed by Oliver Stone, and even Don DeLillo’s book entitled ‘Libra’.

It was because of the mafia

Mafia person

And if not the CIA, who else but the mob? It is even said that a criminal organization allied with the intelligence agency to end the life of Kennedy.

The main argument of this conspiracy theory is that Robert Kennedy, the younger brother of the president and attorney general of the United States, had focused on ending organized crime. This was somehow associated with the revolution of Fidel Castro in Cuba, thus interfering with the interests of the mafia.

However, the United States House of Representatives claimed that this theory was false and that the mob had nothing to do with the Kennedy assassination.

It was a revenge of Castro

Fidel Castro and Kennedy

The revolution in Cuba coincides with this attack, so it was obvious that this would become the third most famous conspiracy theory about the Kennedy assassination. To give you context, you should know that the United States had backed down from the blockade that had formed the union of Russia and Cuba during the Cold War.

However, Kennedy decided to carry out Operation Bay of Pigs, which aimed to overthrow Castro and end the revolution. During this time the Missile Crisis also happened, but the American president never achieved his mission.

This theory takes hold after discovering that Oswald, Kennedy’s real assassin, had ties to Russia, so the theory spread like wildfire and quickly spread in popular belief.

Kennedy was not the real target

John Connally in the car where Kennedy and Jacqueline were going
John Connally was sitting across from Kennedy and Jacqueline on the day of the attack.

During the attack that ended Kennedy’s life, there was another non-fatal victim: Texas Governor John Connally.

This version made sense after an investigation by journalist James Reston Jr. The professional expanded this theory by assuring that Oswald wanted to end the life of the governor because he had taken out a dagger that had the surname Connally engraved on it. In addition, the criminal’s wife gave statements in which she assured that the governor was the true target.

The vice president planned the assassination

Lyndon B. Johnson |  Biography, Presidency, Civil Rights, Vietnam War, & Facts |  Britannica

Kennedy’s vice president and successor Lyndon Johnson is said to have been the culprit in Kennedy’s death. The main proponent of this theory is political consultant Roger Stone, who has called for the documents exposing Johnson to be released.

Stone received support from Donald Trump, who even assured during a press conference that this theory was true. In addition, Trump also blamed Rafael Cruz, father of Senator Ted Cruz, of having participated in the attack, although he did not show any proof to verify it.

It was more of a shooter

Photographs by Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald at the time of his arrest

According to a report published by the Warren CommissionThere was a high possibility that, in addition to Oswald, there was more than one shooter involved in the Kennedy assassination, who was allegedly hiding in the grass next to the route of the president’s caravan. The argument includes a broad analysis of testimonies, accusations and recordings of the event, for which it generated suspicion for some years.

However, this theory was discarded in 2018 thanks to research published in Heliyon magazine. It assured that Kennedy had suffered a bullet impact that was caused by the same type of rifle that Oswald had at the time of the attack, and after analyzing in detail the video that shows the murder, known as the Zapruder film, it was arrived at to the conclusion that there was only one guilty of the crime.

Finally, it should be noted that, in addition to the formal theories of the assassination that we have just explained, there is also talk of a reason that goes beyond what is reasonable and to which we had to decide a complete article: it is said that the Kennedy family suffers from a curse.

However, and although there are thousands of conspiracy theories about the Kennedy assassination, this was, and will continue to be, one of the most shocking events in the history of the United States.


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