This amazing Alexa feature will help you remember when to take your medications

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The utility of voice assistants is growing, they have gone from being simply used to understand the time or manage elements of connected devices to tools that provide advanced options (such as playback power). Alexa has a feature in your voice assistant a feature that gives you a great utility.

Alexa, one of the most advanced assistants in the world

One of the more advanced voice assistants, Alexa you offers medication options, a very useful function for the elderly or sick people. Its operation is very simple, once Alexa has data on how and when you have to administer the medicine, it can create a voice reminder to tell the user that it is time to do it, so that we do not have problems remembering it.

The point is that this feature is very practical and useful, because over time, smart speakers Like the ones of Alexa will occupy living rooms and bedrooms around the world, so they are perfect elements to set reminders.

Amazon Alexa logo. AMAZON Europa Press

How to implement this new feature in Amazon’s Alexa

The implementation is currently limited because the company led by Jeff Bezos wants everything to be very simple. For this reason, the user does not have to make manual adjustments in the application associated with Alexa. For this, a new skill is provided, which must be installed and accessed by a confirmed supplier by the firm itself (for now, only Giant Eagle Pharmacy), but it has been indicated that the number of allowed companies will be increased.

If this is achieved, you will only need link your account and, since a specific profile will be created (it can be done by voice) additional security can be added by codes. After completing this operation, just use the command “Alexa, administer medication”, the wizard can view the valid formula data and automatically use the corresponding reminders. Even the company that has one of the largest online stores, Amazon, it will permit you order a new recipe if so needed.

The fact is, these kinds of uses, as long as they spread around the world, will make voice assistants really practical for all users, including the elderly. Moreover, the fact is that, if it is the same as all Alexa Skills, if it works well, then you will finally set your own standards and surely reach your competitors in the market. In addition, it will be necessary to see how this function is used in Spain when there is Social Security.

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