This could be the design of Apple’s future virtual reality glasses, according to a designer

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Augmented reality is making its way into the main devices on the market. And Apple would be one of those companies focused on the manufacture of this type of device. It is not the first time we have heard about glasses of this type, now these rumors are confirmed with new information about the date on which these glasses would be released.

At the time Tim cook, said that in the future a large part of the population around the world will have experiences of augmented reality on a daily basis, so much so that they hope that having devices of this type, such as glasses, will be as important as carrying the iPhone.

A designer develops a concept for Apple’s virtual reality glasses

We have an idea of ​​what Apple’s VR / AR headsets would look like from a simple rendering based on a prototype seen in The Information. A designer has now used this as a basis to realize a more realistic concept of the design.

Realistic Apple Glasses Concept

The original cartoon drawing showed only a side view, but designer Antonio De Rosa has given us some ideas on what the rumored $ 3,000 headphones would look like from a variety of angles.

The designer Antonio De Rosa, has taken the liberty of realizing a realistic concept of the possible helmet / glasses of mixed reality of Apple. In line with the Apple’s minimal design aesthetic, the headset features a simple design in black and silver with what looks like a glass front and an aluminum frame, reminiscent of the latest iPhone line. There are a couple of cameras up front, as well as a couple on either side, and also what could be a light sensor.

The strap The earpiece is similar to the Apple Watch Sport Band, made from what appears to be Apple’s high-performance fluoroelastomer material, along with what could be some kind of combination of a magnetic clasp and a pin-and-tuck. The padded of the headphones appears to be covered with a kind of soft cloth, while the interior features a nose pad and two lenses for vision during use

Augmented reality glasses could be presented in 2022

Various reports concluded that this new device of the brand will arrive from first quarter of 2022. The report says that the design of Apple’s virtual reality headsets “will be similar to other brands,” and that the main specifications will include six lenses, LiDAR Y a time of flight sensor. He adds that this will improve the user experience “when playing AR and VR.”


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