This electric car will have the fastest charge in the world: 480 kilometers of autonomy in 20 minutes

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Lucid Air

Tesla may be the most influential company in the world of electric vehicles today, its technological advances have made the whole world notice them. However, even if it seems like it, Tesla is not the only company that researches and develops technologies like these, many other brands are also in the war to become benchmarks in this sector, companies that come from China or other North American companies that tend to go unnoticed, such as Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors wants to be a benchmark, 32Km for every minute of loading

Lucid Motors is set to showcase and begin marketing for Lucid Air on September 9. Lucid Air It is a promising electric car that is expected to reach a range of 832 kilometers.

According to the company’s announcement, its future electric cars will have “the fastest electric car charging in history.” It means you can charge for obtain a range of 20 miles (32 km approx.) per minute of charge. This is thanks to a 900 V charger with a maximum load of 300 kW. Simply speaking, the Tesla V3 Supercharger achieves peaks of 250 kW and about 25 kilometers of autonomy for the car every minute.

All-around hyper-efficiency. Designed with 900V + architecture, the #LucidAir can charge at rates up to 20 miles per minute. It’s the fastest charging EV ever. Details on its future-proofed features and charging infrastructure.

– Lucid Motors (@LucidMotors) August 19, 2020

Bi-directional V2X (vehicle to all) charging will enable V2G (vehicle to network) and V2V (vehicle to vehicle) functions. In other words, Lucid Air will be able to dump electricity into the grid during peak demand, act like a household battery, and transfer power directly to other electric vehicles like a portable charger.

Great Association of American Companies

Lucid Motors chargers
Lucid Motors chargers Lucid Motors

Thanks to your partnership with Electrify America, Lucid Air owners will enjoy three years of free charging on the extensive US network. Together with the vehicle Lucid will sell a smart home charging point, which will precisely allow the aforementioned bidirectional charging. According to the company:

«Charging at home is one of the key benefits of owning an electric vehicle. In addition to the standard mobile charging cable that comes with every Lucid vehicle, we’ve also developed the Lucid Connected Home charging point, one of the first bi-directional charging AC charging stations ever offered. Owners will be able to enjoy a more cost-effective charging method and use their Lucid Air as a temporary power reserve to power their homes, including off-grid vacation properties.

Lucid Motors’ extraordinary charger will now be available in the United States. To this end, the brand cooperated with Volkswagen’s subsidiary, Electrify America, to establish a nationwide charger network. In principle, all this once they showed the electric car and started selling it.