This free app allows you to create and sell your NFTs from the iPhone

app para crear nft 730x354.jpg
app para crear nft 730x354.jpg

Very curious cases have been known after NFTs and the millions of dollars that some users have earned with this trend. Would you like to try creating an NFT from your mobile?

You can do it, without getting too complicated in the process, thanks to an interesting app for iPhone, S! NG.

An app to create an NFT from the iPhone

The definition of NFT seems too technical to understand the value behind “a non-fungible token”. But do not worry, in a previous article we explained in detail what an NFT is and what it is for. And if you want to put yourself at home, and create your digital artwork, you can use S! NG.

It is an app for iOS that gives you the possibility of having a platform to create free NFTs and manage them in your own digital wallet. Yes, you can have your own digital portfolio and Ethereum portfolio to share your creations or monetize them.

If you don’t know how to start, don’t worry, the application will guide you. So you just have to create your user account in S! NG and follow the instructions starting by uploading an image or audio that will serve as the basis of the project that you are going to create on the platform. And a bonus that adds to this dynamic is that you can carry out the project alone or with collaborators.

When you are satisfied with your creation, it remains to let the app do the rest of the work by converting it into NFT. Simple as that. And from this point on, you will have several options. You can share your creations with your friends or acquaintances, or you can leave it in your digital wallet to sell it in the future.

So you can create an NFT from scratch using only the app and for free. You don’t need any special knowledge, as you can create your own NFT from anything you can think of, letting the app do most of the work for you. And if you are a creative, then this platform will provide you with a space to protect your work, and in the future, sell it.