This free app will help you focus on your study sessions

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apps para estudiar 730x429.jpg

Although having your mobile nearby when we are studying is a bad idea, you can make an exception with Zen Flip Clock.

This application proposes to turn your mobile into a desk clock, a timer and even a pomodoro clock.

An app to turn your mobile into a Pomodoro clock

Are you one of those who apply the Pomodoro technique to work or for your study sessions? Then one of the options offered by this application will be great for you. Without having to configure anything, you will have a timer that will record your 25-minute work sessions with 5-minute breaks.

And the best thing is that you can always have it visible, since the application uses the entire screen of the mobile to turn it into a clock. You can apply a dark, light theme or let it take the one you have configured on the device.

Don’t you want the pressure to meet a certain period of time? Then you can simply use the clock from Zen Flip Clock, which follows the same full-screen dynamics. You will see the time, date and day with the seconds passing on the screen.

And if you want to record how long it takes you to complete a certain task, then you can opt for the stopwatch. To switch from one clock to another you just have to scroll the screen, so you won’t be complicated with any kind of configuration.

Zen Flip Clock is a free application, and it does not have any type of advertising. So you will not find any distractions in the operation of the app, beyond the configuration you choose for the different clocks. And if you want to have more freedom to use the options that the application proposes, then you can choose to give a small contribution to the developer to unlock all the functions.

To test the dynamics that this application proposes on your Android mobile you only need to download it from Google Play.