This gentleman teaches “shedding tears” to be happy

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This is Mr. Hydifomi Yoshida who can make anyone shed tears in minutes.  (Photo: Internet)

Tokyo: There is a gentleman in Japan who calls himself a “teacher of tears” and has trained more than fifty thousand people to cry regularly in the last eight years.

Her name is Hydifomi Yoshida and she is 45 years old. Your website “Tears Teacher” But he says he has a degree in human resource management in addition to psychology and education. They have some tips that you can use to shed tears, no matter how hard you try.

Contrary to popular belief, crying and shedding tears are of special importance in the psyche because it reduces the pressure on our brain and nerves, slows down the heartbeat and maintains good overall health. In addition, after crying, a person feels lighter and better than before.

Yoshida has been teaching people to cry since 2013. Initially, his work was not very successful, but in 2015 an official study was published which said that the Japanese people have a tendency to cry because they do not like to cry.

Discouragement from crying causes people to lose the ability to express their emotions effectively, which leads to anxiety and restlessness, which affects their home and professional life.

Yoshida started using this part of the study in her marketing and was successful. He says that today so many people come to him “wanting to learn to cry” that they do not even get a chance to nod. They have also discovered some techniques and practical measures by which anyone can start crying and shedding tears for just a few minutes.

One such technique he calls “roi katsu” (search for tears).

“The more tears you shed, the better your mental health will be,” said Yoshida, “and if you make it a habit to shed tears only once a week, you will be free from nervous tension.” Will be able to live. ”

In addition to individual training, Yoshida also conducts “crying teaching workshops” while various Japanese companies continue to hire their employees for good mental health.