This graphic designer delights his clients with his work: what none of them knew was that it was artificial intelligence

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Art. Lebedev Studio is a graphic design company based in Russia. 358 people work there, including a certain Nikolay Ironov, who apparently works remotely. Ironov has his own profile and portfolio of creations. He has been designing logos for cafes, bars, influencers, applications and other companies for a year. According to the company, all of Ironov’s creations were approved by customers and “released to large audiences.” A personal success for Ironov, no doubt, only that Ironov is not a person, but artificial intelligence.

It is a project that the Russian study launched last year and that, as they explain, “analyzes information about companies, generates the essence of a concept and creates an endless flow of related images”. The neural network is capable of compiling colour schemes, composing and creating patterns and 3D models. They are so confident from the studio that they assure that “Nikolay Ironov could replace a human at every stage of identity creation“.


Art. Lebedev Studio explains that one of the keys to Ironov’s success, whose designs can be seen on ice cream tubs or beer bottles, for example, is that Ironov is daring. “Designers, even the most daring and progressive, are often defined by the work of their peers, international award juries, and their own experiences.” To AI, however, this doesn’t matter, so you can experiment with shapes, patterns and techniques that a human, a priori, perhaps would not consider.

In fact, Sergey Kulinkovich, director of the study, tells The Next Web that designers, deep down, may feel limited due to the education they receive, since they have a certain conception of what “good design” should be. Ironov, for his part, you have the freedom to do what you want, which explains why some designs may collide or, directly, dislike. It has no prejudices and that allows the studio “to find new things in graphic design and create works that are truly unique.”

Designs Some of Ironov’s designs.

The AI ​​results are the result of a “unique combination of several data analysis systems and image generators”. Apparently, the network is so complex that, “in some cases, developers can’t even know how a certain result was achieved“It is a technology that all, fashion or other industries.

As the study explains to TNW, artificial intelligence was trained with a dataset of hand-drawn SVGs. Subsequently, the system analyzed the identity of the company, such as its name, the slogan or the description of what they do, and I chose a word to convert it into an image. Finally, the design was simplified or generated with different colour schemes and fonts, all automatically. This allowed the studio to give the client different alternatives from which to choose.

While it is true that artificial intelligence can work all day, it does not get sick and does not have creative blocks, from the study they don’t think it’s going to completely replace humans. Instead, Kulinkovich believes that designers could become art directors to choose the best Ironov creation based on the project.

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