This interactive map shows where your house was millions of years ago with the Pangea

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Our planet has changed a lot over so many millennia of existence, and it is enough to remember what its surface was like, so much so that we cannot even imagine where we would be located and even what climate we would be living.

In the early Triassic, 240 million years ago, oxygen levels were significantly lower than today due to the extinction of many plant species that inhabited the Earth, including corals and reefs. At that time the Pangea was a supercontinent.

Ancient Earth map shows where your house was with the Pangea

Meet the Ancient Earth map

The software engineer Ian Webster created this interactive 3D tool through which we can see the map of the Earth just as it was in the early Triassic and later stages. The fascinating part is not that, but the possibility that it gives us to enter the name of the colony in which we live, being specific by adding the country in which we are located so that the map knows precisely what place we refer to.

Ancient Earth map shows where your house was with the Pangea

Thus, the Ancient Earth map automatically shows where the city or region where you now live was with the Pangea with a red dot on the three-dimensional globe.

In addition, from the central drop-down you can go even further back in time to visualize the shape of the Earth in its oldest form, 750 million years ago, in the Cryogenic period, in which glaciers possibly covered the entire planet for the longest Ice Age we know.

Ancient Earth map shows where your house was with the Pangea

Travel back in time

If you look at the options menu you have several possibilities to visualize the Earth in any of its periods, you can go “going down” in time and visualize how the land mass was changing, with the possibility of continuing to enter your location, as long as you are connected with #TelcelLaMejorRed and the greatest coverage. Take advantage of the benefits that your Unlimited Friend gives you to navigate and explore the locations you want on the interactive map.

Ancient Earth map shows where your house was with the Pangea

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A colossal puzzle

Ancient Earth was created using data from Gplates, a plate tectonic data repository that reveals the motions of tectonic plates throughout Earth’s history.

Ancient Earth map shows where your house was with the Pangea

Ian Webster dedicated himself to adding a visual touch to the data he collected to also have the possibility of searching according to a specific event such as when the first flowers appeared, when the dinosaurs became extinct, or even the origin of life with the ‘first multicellular life’. The engineer clarifies the possible inaccuracy of Ancient Earth:

Although plate tectonic models return accurate results, you must consider the approximate graphs (obviously, we can never prove the correctness). In my tests I found that model results can vary significantly. I chose this particular model because it is widely cited and covers the most amount of time.