This is how some social networks are copied to others

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Social media before Facebook

Social networks have copied each other practically since the beginning, what happens is that never as much as now, or at least, in such a short space of time.

Instagram is the social network in which more functionalities that other social networks also have are agglutinated

In recent weeks we have witnessed several launches of tools that mimic those of other platforms. Snapchat has just copied the content of TikTok with the presentation of its new Spotlight tab, where short videos of up to 60 seconds edited with music are recommended, similar to the tab where Instagram promotes Reels , its imitation of TikTok videos.

Last week the Fleets , the Twitter Stories, reached the whole world, which is nothing more than a format that imitates the Stories precisely of Snapchat, which were copied by Instagram three years ago and which have also been replicated by Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp … And more recently even LinkedIn .

The feeling that many social network users have is that all social networks end up looking like each other (even in appearance, for example, after the redesign of LinkedIn, which makes it a kind of Facebook clone on the computer and Instagram on mobile) and they are right. Axios has made a comparative chart that shows how the different social platforms share similar functions … and it is more striking than you might initially think:

Axios Social Networks

As can be seen in the table, Instagram would be a kind of “mixed bag” in which all the functionalities present in social networks are included. The possibility of making purchases could even be added, after the launch of its own stores this summer and the new Shopping tab that has been included in the lower navigation bar.

The only thing Facebook lacks is a TikTok-style video feed, although perhaps for a short time, since the company was already working to incorporate Reels as well. In the case of Snapchat, the only functionality it would lack would be the public follower count.

Twitter and LinkedIn, for their part, also include all the other functionalities except the Augmented Reality glasses and the feed of short videos in the style of TikTok.

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