‘This is not just about our mother’s slab but about people’s rights’

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The family in England who are fighting against the decision to refuse to put a statement in Irish only on their mother’s memorial stone say that they are fighting against an anti-Irish attitude

The family who appealed against the decision to refuse them permission to place a statement in Irish only on a memorial stone are still awaiting a date for their case from an ecclesiastical court in England.

The Keane family have appealed against a decision made in a church court in Coventry, England that they were not allowed to put a statement in Irish only on their mother ‘s gravestone.

A date from the most senior diocesan court in England is still awaiting the hearing of their appeal against the decision made in an ecclesiastical court in the Diocese of Coventry.

The Keane family initiated a court case at the beginning of the summer when Judge Stephen Eyre, Chancellor of the Diocese of Coventry, England, rejected their petition that the statement ‘In our hearts forever’ be placed in Irish only on the memorial stone of Margaret Keane, a woman of Irish descent. .

Margaret Keane was a woman active in the Gaelic Athletic Association who was proud of Irish culture throughout her life, the petition stated.

However, Judge Eyre stated in the ruling of the ecclesiastical court that there was a “danger” that the statement in Irish only would be accepted as a “slogan of some sort” or as a “political statement”, because, in his view, “the passion and the emotions associated with the use of Irish ”.

Margaret’s daughter Bernadette Keane told Tuairisc.ie this week that the family was “fighting against an anti-Irish attitude” which Judge Eyre expressed in his first ruling.

“It is a view that is not in keeping with Coventry today, it is a view of the past and one that people and communities in England have worked hard to eradicate.

“It is necessary to oppose what the Judge said about the Irish language and that view that the language is associated with sectarianism or terrorism,” said Bernadette Keane.

Bernadette Keane said the family understood that this story was not just about her mother ‘s slab but about people’ s rights.

“We understand that this is not just about our own family. It is now a community issue of the right of everyone to respect linguistic and cultural diversity wherever they live, ”said Bernadette Keane.

The Keane family’s campaign has received a great deal of support since their petition was rejected for an Irish language statement to be placed on Margaret Keane’s memorial.

The Church of England statement out about the fact that it was not her national policy to refuse to put Irish people on memorial slabs and they urged the family to appeal to a more senior church court.

The Church’s statement stated that “the Irish language is an important part of the Church of England’s heritage” and that the decision could be appealed to a more senior ecclesiastical court, the Archbishop’s Provincial Court, the Arches of Canterbury Court in this case.

The Bishop of Coventry, Christopher Cocksworth, added that “great cause for sorrow”He said when people were“ hurt or insulted ”and he was praying for a satisfactory solution to the situation for the Keane family who were“ very upset ”by the birth.

The Keane family has launched an online fundraising campaign this week and His goal is £ 10,000 to help with the costs involved an court case.

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