This is the Oppo X 2021, the first mobile “rollable”

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It seemed that flexible mobiles were going to be the ones that would revolutionize the mobile phone market. However, although some models have been presented throughout 2019 and 2020, the truth is that they have not become popular and, due to their high price, they are still a luxury object that only some consumers can afford.

The new mobile X 2021 is only a prototype, but it already captures all eyes

However, it seems that the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Oppo is already thinking of going one step further than flexible smartphones. During the celebration this week of Info Day 2020, the brand’s annual event, in which it shows the latest news and the developments it plans to launch in the future, several devices have been shown to the world, beyond the recently launched Oppo Reno range 4, but one has drawn attention to the rest.

Its about conceptual mobile X 2021. It is a prototype, it is not a final version, much less – presumably, it will even change the name when it is marketed – but it is a mobile that has captured all eyes. Why? Because it is the first mobile in the world that goes from having a folding screen and goes further: it is rollable and extendable.

This device does not fold and open, like the flexible ones, but what it does is roll up. As if it were an “accordion” or a scroll, its screen is capable of expanding and contracting thanks to the incorporation of a small motor that keeps the screen in a hidden compartment. Thus, it unrolls and can go from 6.7 inches that it has in mobile format to 7.4 inches to be used in tablet format.

Those are the maximum and minimum formats, but the user could adjust the size of the screen, if he wanted, to 7.1 inches, for example, in order to be able to operate it with one or both hands. You just have to open and close the device at will. The phone software intelligently recognizes the measurement and automatically adjusts to take full advantage of the optimized display.

Oppo has patented the device as a whole, as well as the scrolling mechanism. According to the company “it will hit the market at the right time”, but its plans are unknown. The fact that the date 2021 appears in its codename may be an idea, but this design may not see the light in stores until 2020, who knows. At the moment, this is all that is known about it: neither possible price, nor operating system, nor specifications such as battery, RAM, processor or storage capacity are known.


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