This is Yubo, the youth social network there are no ‘influencers’ or ‘I like you’

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You may not have heard of it, but Yubo can already be considered one of the last social phenomena. It is an application of French origin, for which 30 people currently work, and which has already managed to add more than 45 million users around the world.

Yubo has more than 45 million users worldwide

It is focused on users under 25 years of age and its proposal is to bring together several social functions in the same application … but with a diametrically opposite approach to what we are used to on other platforms.

On the one hand, as a social network, it allows you to create profiles in order to make new contacts and meet new people. So far everything normal. But nevertheless, in Yubo You cannot follow other users and you cannot “like you” to its content.

Yubo does this so there are not a few users that they manage to become influential on the platform and monopolize the conversation. All you want is that users can meet, play games together … with total freedom. Like children when they go out to school and play with each other. That is the idea behind the Yubo concept.

Yubo is like that

When accessing Yubo, a list of virtual meeting rooms is shown, in which users can perform different actions together, from holding a group conference to watching audiovisual content together, broadcasting live …

In this sense, remember the Rooms or Facebook Messenger rooms, only that they are themed rooms, in which politics will be discussed, games will be played … or whatever is intended. The idea is that there are many and very varied rooms, made up of small groups of users, who find in them what they were really looking for. According to Sacha Lazimi, CEO of Yubo, in 95% of the rooms there are no more than 10 users participating and that is precisely what the company wants, that there are no large rooms for large audiences, but that the experience is totally personalized.

But in addition, Yubo has a wide range of payment features that can be paid for. In fact, it bases its business model on this, in which users pay to subscribe to the application or to unlock functions and elements, since does not incorporate advertising. For example, you can pay to boost live streaming or promote your profile to appear in content recommendations, as a way to get more participants to a room and drive more engagement.

Among its future plans is the creation of an algorithm to recommend content, integration with YouTube so that content can be consumed through the rooms. Yubo also intends to create his own augmented reality filters.


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