This mask syncs with your smartphone and translates languages

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The Japanese created C-Mask, the mask that synchronizes via bluetooth, translates languages ​​and is capable of making calls.

It will become an important part of our outfits and it will be normal to have several to even combine them, but how about having a mask that synchronizes with your smartphone via bluetooth and translates languages.

his smart mask is capable of translating up to 8 languages. * Photo: REUTERS / Kim Kyung-Hoon

For decades, the Japanese already used this garment in their daily lives and already had established social behaviors such as keeping their distance even on public transport. This is not only the case in Japan, in fact in many other Asian lands people wear face masks outside the context of protection from the coronavirus .

C-Mask smart face mask that syncs with smartphone and translates
C-Mask smart face mask that syncs with smartphone and translates

C-Mask, the smart mask

Already a normal part of their lives, the Japanese firm Donut Robotics created C-Mask , a mask or smart face mask that syncs to your smartphone , tablet or any device with bluetooth.

Cmask Smart Mask That Syncs With Smartphone Translates
Cmask Smart Mask That Syncs With Smartphone Translates

“We worked hard for years to develop a robot and we have used that technology to create a product that responds to how the coronavirus has reshaped society,” says Taisuke Ono, CEO of Donut Robotics.

If Google Translator and all simultaneous translation applications were already a great invention, especially for travelers visiting destinations where English is not spoken, this gadget could be very useful for that trip that you will soon be able to enjoy.

C-Mask smart face mask that syncs with smartphone and translates

C-Mask is capable of receiving messages in Japanese and translating them into eight different languages, and according to Taisuke, their impulse was basically focused as a strategy to keep their company afloat, taking advantage of the fact that they had already developed it.

C-Mask smart face mask syncs with smartphone translate

How does C-Mask work?

C-Mask is placed over the mask and connects to mobile devices via Bluetooth, transcribes the words heard from the user into text messages without the need to bring the cell phone close to the face, allows phone calls and most importantly, amplifies the voice of the user wearing the mask through an integrated loudspeaker.

So far 5,000 units have already been sold for $ 40 each, and although for now they are only available on the Japanese island, this type of invention is one of the many ideas that could be useful from the incorporation of this garment all over the world.

C-Mask mask that syncs with smartphone and translates