This portable disinfector sterilizes your masks anywhere

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Everyone is looking forward to the end of this year 2020 because of a pandemic that has us all in suspense. Y with it has come to stay, for some time, the use of masks with which to protect ourselves and others of potential infections. Now, if this little garment that we put on everything can save us, it is also true that it must be treated with care to prevent the remedy from becoming a disease.

Portable mask cleaner.

And is that The experts have been warning us for months of the importance of maintaining the health of the masksEither changing those that are disposable from time to time, or washing those that need to go through the washing machine every few hours of use. So an inventor, named Jan Würtz, has decided to upload a gadget to the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform that is capable of sterilizing them quickly and easily. And do it, also, anywhere.

It looks like a thermos, but it isn’t

This portable mask cleaner is an ingenious device that we can carry with us, inside a large bag, backpack or in the car and that allows us to clean the mask thanks to its ultraviolet (UV) lights to reuse it without fear of being contaminated by the presence of a pathogen, virus, bacteria or any other type of microorganism that remains deposited in its tissues.

How the sterilizer cleans the masks.

The way to use it is very simple since just remove the moving part, place the mask with the inside facing towards the UVC quartz tubes (cold cathode) and that’s it. It is then inserted and left for a few minutes until the cleaning process is complete. It is, according to its creator, a system that does not use chemicals so it is safe and does not generate any type of contraindication when using the masks.

Portable mask cleaner.

Being portable, cIt has a USB charging port that we can plug into the car or any connector on the PC, if we take it to the office. In this way, we always have a way to clean the masks and increase their useful life. So much so that from the crowdfunding page they announce that we will save some money with your purchase, since its use will avoid us having to buy new masks every little time. Designed and produced in Europe, this portable mask cleaner You can get it at an approximate price of 42 euros with a delivery date scheduled for January 20201.


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