This will be the new Apple Pencil that will arrive with the iPad Pro of 2021

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First-generation Apple Pencil.

It was in 2015 when Apple surprised everyone with a surprising announcement that, in addition, went against one of the main precepts set by Steve Jobs: no need for stylus pens to operate their devices as each of us came to this world with five stylus In each hand. Even so, those of Tim Cook thought it appropriate to develop it to accompany their new professional tablets that would seek to find a place among the most expert users.

Illustrators, content creators, artists, engineers … the number of users that could use one of these Apple Pencils was very extensive and the proof of this is that at the end of 2018 a second generation arrived: more sensitive, capable of detecting more nuances on the pressure of the screen and, most importantly, wireless charging and a system of magnets to fix it to the upper edge of the screen (when we work with it in landscape mode).

The third generation arrives

In recent weeks, an infinity of information has appeared that comes to place in this first half of 2021 as the moment in which Apple could launch its fifth generation professional tablet, after the 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2020 models. And next to it, we would also have a third version of an Apple Pencil that will change its design again, as we have seen by a leak made a few hours ago.

New Apple Pencil pic.twitter.com/CWGQrkU2Yn

– Mr White (@laobaiTD) March 3, 2021

According to Mr-White, with the new iPad Pro of 2021 we will have a new Apple Pencil that, as you can see from the screens above, It will be similar (due to its gloss finish) to the first of 2015 but keeping many more similarities with that of 2018 in terms of size and the possibility of charging it wirelessly when we stick it to one of the sides of the tablet. We could confirm that it will continue to be so because There is no element at the top that tells us that we can charge it with a Lightning cable (like the original from 2015) or USB-C. So much so, that at the bottom you can see the Apple Pencil with the tip removed, something we can do when the months go by and it is necessary to replace that piece with another.

It is precisely in this component where we could expect more changes since those of Cupertino would have thought of an interchangeable system capable of offering different functionalities. For example, there is talk of Tips for gesture control of the tablet, without touching the screen or, as with pencils, markers, rotrings, etc., include a catalog of different tips depending on the task we want to perform, depending on whether we need more precision or not, or whether we want to draw or write.


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