This Xiaomi air analyzer is perfect for Covid-19

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Technology still has a lot to say when it comes to our well-being, and Xiaomi has therefore been developing spectacular devices for a long time. Now once again he surprises us with one of those interesting products that appear almost every day on Youpin, a Xiaomi crowdfunding platform. This time, it is a air quality analyzer, becoming the perfect ally in the fight against COVID-19. In addition, it is compatible with platforms Xiaomi Mi Home, in addition to Apple HomeKit.

Minimalist and premium design

We begin by detailing its design, in which we find ourselves before a small gadget manufactured by Qingping whose dimensions do not exceed 63.6x46x54.6mm, providing a weight of just 143 grams. Its structure is made of ABS plastic and adds a front screen where we can view the data.

This new air quality analyzer too has a practical information screen that can show us the status of your battery and what it is for. It also adds a small touch panel for easy operation.

Xiaomi Air Analyzer

Capable of measuring all types of particles

If we get to analyze it in terms of efficiency, this detector is capable of measuring all types of particles present in the air, as well as temperature and relative humidity. To be exact, it is capable of measuring the CO2 and the particles of PM2.5 Y PM10, also counting on VOC and formaldehyde detection.

Through its upper touch slider we can view all this data in a precision range of between 0-50ºC, 0-95% relative humidity (RH), 0-5000PPM carbon dioxide and 0-500ug / m3 PM2.5 and PM10 particles.

Xiaomi Air Analyzer

Great connectivity and compatibility

In terms of connectivity, we find a product that has WiFi and Bluetooth connection, in this way we can view all this data from our smartphone. A nice feature that it brings is that this air quality detector has support for the platforms Xiaomi Mi Home Y Apple HomeKit, so its compatibility is ideal.

Price and availability?

The price of this new type of sterilizer that Xiaomi sells us is only 399 yuan, about 51 euros To the change. It is currently only sold in China, although we may soon see it on AliExpress and other similar platforms.


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