Three gadgets that you cannot forget before going out in the snow

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Brian Adam
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If you live in an area of ​​Spain that has been affected by the snowstorm last weekend, surely you have already tried to go out to the street to enjoy the white cloak that covered everything. An exceptional event that has not been without obvious dangers and that to this day continues to cause some really severe problems, especially mobility.

Mission, keep the mobile in your pocket

Now, not happy with the huge amount of rainfall we have had, now comes the ice and the polar cold of a storm that this week is going to give us temperatures below zero practically at any time of the day, which is going to put us all in a difficult situation. So if you find yourself in the event that you need to go out to the street yes or yes, either for work, or to buy any essential product, remember what three (or two) essential items you should take with you.

Touchscreen compatible gloves.

Those three gadgets that we recommend have a single mission, and that is to keep your health and that of your smartphone safe from snow and low temperatures. That is why the first of them must be some gloves capable of allowing us to press on the touch screen without having to take them off. In this way, we can make calls in an emergency, communicate with anyone through messaging apps or attend any notice that may reach us from municipal, regional or state authorities. And all, without allowing our fingers to freeze.

LG Tone Free.

The second of those devices, in case we do not have gloves like the previous ones, are some wireless headphones what, in addition to protecting our ears from the cold, they allow us to give orders to the virtual assistant (Google, Siri or Alexa) to make calls and even read the messages that arrive. In this way, and as with gloves, we can take the phone away from the cold which, in case you don’t know, is a small enemy of the performance of its battery, above all.

External and portable battery for mobile devices.

Exact. If you are going to have your mobile in your hand with these temperatures below zero, you should know that battery life can be shortened by up to 30%So if on a normal day you already complain about how little stamina it has, imagine in the snow. So there’s nothing like carrying an extra battery in your pocket, a powerbank that guarantees at least two or three extra charges (10,000 mAh.) of the battery. Thus, you can guarantee that you spend the whole day communicated without problems wherever you go.


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