Tidbyt, the ‘retro’ screen that takes you back to the 80s and that you can control with your mobile

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Brian Adam
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The 80s of the last century were characterized by the arrival of the digital concept, the first clocks with an LCD screen, the first computers, the first consoles with 8-bit graphic quality … and all that ecosystem of pixelated graphics that we all practically identify instantly when we see any image of the epic. Like this Tidbyt screen, which you have in the crowdfunding process.

This gadget is a small tribute to those old days of the pixel perfect although it returns to 2021 with some wireless technologies that are standard right now. Thanks to them, this smart panel will be able to display anything we send it from the mobile, to use it as a place to consult any information that occurs to us, or prepare a welcome, greeting or personalized messages that we imagine.

Control with your mobile, light up your room

East Tidbyt works like a kind of blackboard except for the detail that it can show full color animations (32 and 64 bits) and updates automatically. For example, to follow the stock price of a security in which we have money invested, to show the appointments that we have on the agenda, the time that the train that we want to catch will leave and, why not, the prediction of the time for today and the next few days.

Tidbyt, the retro mobile screen.

To make it even more retro, and in case the pixels in such solid colors weren’t enough, East Tidbyt has a very eighties detail such as its walnut wood finish, that will fit you wonderfully anywhere: on the table, on a shelf, surrounded by books … and always active, showing the information from one or more sources of information and applications that we can define. Because in addition to changing at will, configuring everything (font styles, sizes, colors, motifs, etc.), it can become a carousel of alerts that go from one app to another every 5, 10 or 15 seconds.

Personalize the ‘retro’ screen with your mobile.

If you choose to use this Tidbyt next to the bed, on the table, It has a kind of night mode that dims the light from its panel so it won’t disturb us while we sleep. It has wifi and bluetooth LE for the initial setup process. As we tell you, it is in the crowdfunding phase and, although it has reached all the economic objectives, they continue to offer units available at a price of 136 euros with an estimated delivery date for September of this year. If you want two, they will cost you 247 euros, which is a little bit of savings.


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