TikTok allows you to filter the comments that appear on the videos

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TikTok, the social network for short-format mobile videos edited with music, has released two new tools With the aim that the creators’ user experience is more pleasant and that they do not have to face content that they do not want to see or do not want their followers to see.

TikTok displays a warning to users whose comments may be considered inappropriate to reconsider their publication

The first one gives users the opportunity to have more control over their video comments. With the new tool «Filter all comments»You can decide which comments appear in the videos and which ones do not.

It is a tool that the content creator will have to expressly enable and that will not be activated by default. Once it is enabled, no comment will be made public on the social network until the author of the video approves it through the new comment management tool that will be activated for him.

This feature is based on the current TikTok comment control tool, which allows filtering spam and offensive comments, as well as mute those that include certain keywords that the user selects. Now what is done is to expand its reach, by having to be the content creator himself who manually approves the comments that appear on his videos.

The second feature encourages users to reconsider posting unkind or inappropriate comments. When one whose behavior pattern is suspicious or includes terms that are not appropriate is detected, users will be shown a message asking them to reconsider the publication of the content, in a similar way as Twitter has also started to do.

In the message, TikTok will also remind users of the Community Rules and allow them to edit their comments before sharing them on the social network, in order to promote a healthier conversation on the platform.


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