TikTok begins to reach Smart TV with Android TV, do you know which ones?

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Less than a month ago, on December 15, the first evidence appeared of the arrival of TikTok to an ecosystem that, a priori, we might think does not fit with its philosophy: Smart TV. Especially if we take into account that the consumption of the social network occurs among the youngest kids who, in many cases, are very jealous of not showing anyone their activity. Although it is also true that in recent months its consumption has spread to other age ranges who not only seek to see what influencers do, but also learn about other topics such as DIY, cooking, cinema and series, etc.

That is why it never remains to be present on one more platform, so from ByteDance they believe with good judgment that its landing on smart TVs with Android TV can do nothing but benefit. So just a month after that announcement, we already have the application rolling out in some countries and Smart TV manufacturers.

Already in the Play Store, in a limited way

So things, TikTok has already begun to reach the Google Play Store of Android TV for a select group (as they like to say) of countries and brands. In the case of the former, it does not affect Spain but it does affect others around us such as France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Surely the Chinese want to check that everything works without problems, then activate the unlock button in the rest of the territories where they have a presence.

TikTok interface on a Smart TV with Android TV.

As you can see from the screen published by TikTok itself, the application interface will vary significantly with respect to the experience of use on the smartphone screen. There, the timeline of all the recommendations that the social network makes us has a vertical movement, with a scroll through which we can go up or down to stay in the content that most catches our attention. In Smart TVs, that verticality is lost and to go from one video to another we will have to slide to the right or left.

Besides those three countries (for obvious reasons there is no USA), the TikTok application for Android TV will reach all televisions Sony, Hisense, TCL, Skyworth, Sharp, Philips, Xiaomi, Panasonic and Toshiba brands that have a compatible installation of the Google operating system. If your model is older, surely you can not start it.

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