TikTok fined $ 92 million for violating user privacy

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TikTok has agreed to pay a fine of 92 million dollars to settle a class action lawsuit accusing you of violating your users’ privacy. Apparently the platform has shared from personal data to videos in drafts of its users to advertisers. All this without notifying those affected in advance.

In fact, the lawsuits indicate that TikTok infiltrates the mobile devices of its subscribers. This with the intention of collecting private information that involves “biometric data”. As well as “content that the defendants use to track and profile TikTok users for the purpose of, among other things, targeting ads and earnings.”

A person's hands hold a phone that records a video
TikTok has even shared the videos in drafts of its users

Thus, TikTok has shared information related to gender, age and ethnic origin not only of ordinary users, but of up to six-year-old children. Indeed, the company is the protagonist in “one of the largest settlements ever reached in a consumer BIPA case.” It’s even one of the “largest privacy class action conventions,” attorney Ekwan Rhow said.

TikTok doesn’t acknowledge the allegations, but accepts the deal

While ByteDance does not acknowledge the allegations, it has accepted the deal to end the lawsuit you have more than a year. Accusations that call into question the service it offers to more than 100 million users in the United States.

“While we disagree with the claims, rather than going through lengthy litigation, we would like to focus our efforts on creating a safe and joyful experience for the TikTok community,” the company reported.

The document filed in the United States District Court in Illinois states that ByteDance must stop tracking the biometric information of TikTok users. As well as not sharing data from videos that are drafts, after all they are files that people do not want to publish.

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