TikTok launches a “University” with tips for selling on the social network

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TikTok is keen to become a platform where creators can monetize their content by marketing products in both videos and live broadcasts. Along with the recently launched e-commerce tools, TikTok is now beginning to test a new portal offering tips and advice to sell more and better on the social network.

TikTok offers tips, tricks and hints to better use sales tools on the social network

For now, the «TikTok Shop: Seller University»Is a portal that is being tested in Indonesia, although it can be accessed through the following address (https://seller-id.tiktok.com/university/home) from anywhere in the world if the URL is known.

It offers tips for doing business on TikTok. Through this educational platform you can have access to courses to better use the sales tools on TikTok, as well as specific legal regulations, new sales trends … all this information is generic and may be of interest to users from anywhere in the world. Texts, infographics, videos … make up the educational offer of the platform.

TikTok tips sell

In addition, special sections with local information, legislation or local trends are also included. Presumably, TikTok will tailor these modules in the different territories in which it launches the “Sales University” when it officially introduces it.

TikTok seller program

TikTok also points out that creators who sign up for its seller program will be able to display their products directly on their profiles, in a specific tab. They will also be more visible to brands, who can sign up to work with them.

Brands that sign up for the Affiliation program will be able to upload their products to the “Sellers Center”, select their campaigns and collaborate with influencers to promote their products. In the same way, influencers would appear listed on the platform so that brands could select those with whom they were interested in working.

Movements of Tiktok to become an eCommerce tool production has only just begun and the company is expected to release more new features and tools in the coming months. We will have to be vigilant, but they are movements similar to those that Instagram has been carrying out in recent months, in which it has launched its new stores and even changed its navigation menu to include a new tab with products for sale.

Also, keep in mind that Douyin, the Chinese “TikTok”, also owned by ByteDance, gets most of its revenue from your eCommerce tools. That experience of turning the tool into a sales platform is what we now see being reflected in the app in the West.


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