TikTok Launches New “Q&A” Feature

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TikTok has made available to users a new “Questions and Answers” feature with which they can ask followers questions via text in their posts or even during video broadcasts.

Users will now have an easier time submitting questions to creators, and creators can more easily identify those comments with questions

The social network, which has over 800 million users worldwide, has been testing this new Q&A functionality for weeks, but has now launched it for all users worldwide. With it, an attempt is made to encourage interaction between creators and their audiences.

Many times, until now, users left their questions to the creators in the comments to a post, and they had to identify them and respond right there or by creating a new video. Now with this new functionality the process is simplified, especially for users who have thousands of followers, since it is easier to identify the questions.

Why? Because with this new feature, when a person goes to ask a question in a comment to a video, you can indicate that this comment includes a question, within the comment options. To do this, you can click on the Q&A icon that is located on the right side of the text box where the comment is entered.

This will mean that the comment is tagged with the icon, and the text “Asked by” will also be displayed followed by the user name asking the question. Thus, the creator of the video will have the possibility to easily recognize that comment that has been published and that includes a question when reviewing their publication.

But also, the creators they will be able to see a new page of «Questions and Answers» in which all the questions that users have left in their videos will be listed. They will also see the answers they were given at the time, in case they need to recover any or, directly, copy and paste.

Creators will be able to answer users’ questions using text or even by creating a specific video for them, as before. In addition, they can also include a sticker in their answer video that will lead to the original video, in which the question was asked.

The “Q&A” feature is available for all possible content on TikTok, both videos posted to the feed and live streams, where creators can also easily identify questions from their audience. In addition, users can also include a specific link in their profile bio that leads to the “Questions and Answers” page so that followers can send them their questions more easily.

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