TikTok prepares group chats

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The social network TikTok wants to go beyond being a short video app edited with music and become an instant messaging app that rivals other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

TikTok has not confirmed the official launch or if the messages would be sent encrypted

Therefore, it is preparing its own group messaging system, according to points out Reuters citing sources close to the company. Until now, TikTok users can send direct messages to each other, but only between two users. The new functionality would allow the conversation to take place between several people within the application itself.

With this, what TikTok would achieve is for users to stay connected to the social network for longer and, consequently, also consuming more content … but also using other functionalities on the platform, such as those aimed at electronic commerce and product sales.

Although TikTok has grown a lot in the last year among users of all ages, the youngest are still the largest group. These, used to chatting through instant messaging on other social networks such as Instagram – where they can even create a group with their best friends – would be demanding a similar functionality on TikTok.

However, ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, has been wondering launch group chat in recent months Although given the blocking of the app in countries such as India and Pakistan, or the threat of a ban in the United States, the convenience of making this function available to younger users also raises doubts.

However, the arrival of President Joe Biden to the United States has paralyzed the blocking option, and that seems to have given wings to the defenders of the creation of the group chat within the application and ByteDance would have approved its development, according to the aforementioned agency. news.

TikTok, meanwhile, has not officially confirmed that he is going to launch group chats, nor has he set a specific date for a possible launch. Although the sources cited by Reuters affirm it, it is also not known whether these conversations would be encrypted end-to-end, as in other instant messaging applications, to guarantee the privacy of users.

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