TikTok will allow including subtitles in videos

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TikTok has announced that its users will be able to include subtitles in your videos to make them more accessible to deaf people, something that Twitter also prepares. In the Chinese app, the option to add subtitles, which will be generated automatically, will be shown to the user on the editing page that appears after the video has been recorded and uploaded to the app.

TikTok seeks to make its content more accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing

TikTok has announced that this option will first be available in American English and Japanese, but that the company’s plans go through incorporating more languages ​​”in the coming months”, without specifying the date. This decision is part of the company’s commitment to make its content more accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

However, this option can be useful for any user of the app at times where “it is difficult or inconvenient to listen to the audio of the video”. Although the subtitles will be generated automatically, the author of the video can then edit them to correct possible errors. In this way, “viewers can choose whether to read or listen to the content.

TikTok subtitles video

Until now, TikTok users who wanted to include subtitles had to manually superimpose the text on their videos, or resort to external subtitling tools.

As automatic transcription has been refined over the years, many applications have incorporated it into their services to make their content more accessible. Without going further, last month Google included this possibility in Chrome, which is now capable of generating subtitles from audio played from the browser.

A similar live captioning system is also available for some Android devices. Other tools, such as Zoom or Google Meet, can also generate subtitles during video calls, and Instagram is testing a similar system to incorporate it into its videos.


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