Tile prepares a new locator that you can find with augmented reality

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2021 is going to be a decisive year in a market that is not new but, as is the case in all areas, does not become mainstream until the alternatives of a good handful of major companies appear at the same time. And that is the case of Amazon, with Tile, which has been launching successful products for some years now, or Samsung and Apple, which will do the same in the coming months.

Tile is, in case you don’t remember, a company that started manufacturing small wireless devices that we can adhere to other objects to have them permanently located. House or car keys, a camera, a purse, a jacket, anything we can think of that is susceptible to getting lost and that we use practically every day. Now, after the threat they see coming from Apple and Samsung, Amazon’s are developing new models that can compete on equal terms.

Ultra Wideband, the keyword

That is why Tile is preparing a small revolution in some of its devices that it will put on sale this year to face, as we say, the bets of Apple and Samsung. And the key is in a technology that, for now, it seems confirmed that they will have the AirTags of those from Cupertino and that is called Ultra Wideband (UWB). A new communication system that complements that bluetooth LE to which many of these gadgets are entrusted.

Schematic of the next Tile device. TechCrunch

With bluetooth LE (low energy) it is possible to operate such a smart sticker for a long time without having to recharge it daily and its location system is not entirely accurate. The essential difference with the UWB is that works with a short-range communication protocol, with much higher frequencies, so it is possible to capture “spatial and directional” data simultaneously.

In this way, the application that should show us where we have an object with one of these future Tiles, You will not only know how close or far you are, but also your exact location within a specific space. That is, if it is dropped on the floor, on top of a shelf, or stored inside a drawer. Thanks to this UWB technology, the company is working on a camera view with augmented reality that we can access from the official app and get to the place where it is located thanks to arrows and indicators that show us the way.

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