Entire families have been living together at home and depending on the internet to work, study, hang out and keep in touch with their family and friends. Hours and hours of use of the WiFi network in which many have noticed a somewhat poor performance .

There are many problems that we have encountered in doing our home, office, movie theater and school at the same time. Either the WiFi does not reach all the rooms the same or loses strength at specific times of the day, among other possibilities.

The WiFi network and our router need constant attention, we have been putting more devices at home, but we have not updated the network. If you see that you suffer from any of these problems, there are a series of tricks with which to detect and solve any WiFi interference easily and quickly. 

First of all, keep in mind that the router and the rest of the devices must be updated with the latest version of the firmware or the operating system to avoid failures or security breaches with which we can be victims of an attack.

Here are some steps to revitalize your entire home connection, now that you need it most.

  • Take a speed test : They are simple and fast, tests like this Speedtest.net give you an idea of ​​the quality of your connection. About 100 megabits per second is more than enough for a million Zoom calls, if you have a large family and each is using a different device, to teach at home, to watch Netflix, to play Xbox.
  • Improve the location of the router : We should treat them as if they were a communications antenna the more in view the better. The walls, cabinets, rooms and furniture that are in between, stop the connection. That is why we advise you to make a map of your house to improve your WiFi and to know which is the best place for the router.
  • Change the channel: The channel can be very congested, but there are many web pages that will show you how the situation is in your area. Although modern routers change automatically, they also configure it manually .
  • Unplug some equipment : If the connection is slow, it may be the fault of some device that is causing problems. Check one by one disconnecting them which one is the ballast and thus see if it has any fault or if you can leave it off while you use the WiFi for other more important things.
  • Change the password : Checking the devices you have connected, you may see an address connected to your WiFi network that you do not recognize. One option is that a neighbor is hacking your signal, change the password on a regular basis to avoid carrying those devices outside your home.
  • Expand the coverage : Once you have tried all these steps, if the connection continues to give problems in some rooms more than others, it is time to help your router with WiFi extenders or amplifiers or PLCs (Powerline Communication) . These devices pick up the signal from the router and send it further without losing too much power.