Tired of virtual meetings? So you can simulate a bad connection in Zoom

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Brian Adam
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With the arrival of the pandemic in the West in March 2020, and subsequent containment measures, companies were forced to continue their activity thanks to teleworking, and the intensive use of tools that, although they were there for everyone to see, few had been encouraged to use until that moment.

Product of that boom was the proliferation of videoconferences to deal with practically any subject indiscriminately, so lThe agendas were filled with meetings to discuss marketing campaigns, coronavirus response plans, press conferences, virtual presentations, etc. So now, that we are about to turn one year of seeing our faces through the computer screen, or the tablet and the mobile, we have to find ways to get rid of them quickly. Sooner.

Simulate a bad connection and walk away

What we bring you today is nothing more than a fake that you can use in your video call-pelma that they put you at work, and it consists of starting a plugin that is able to simulate a bad audio and video connection within the conversation. A small program capable of manipulating the signal that we are sent to Zoom, Skype, Teams, etc. To give the impression that there are problems: the image stops, the sound of our voice is interrupted and, as if that were not enough, the typical graphic element appears that indicates that the computer is trying to reconnect. Processing.

You can see a funny video of what this plugin does just above, where Buffer.ng takes the image from the webcam, freezes it randomly, puts the icon that it is processing on top, and also takes the opportunity to interfere with the audio. The result is spectacular and gives the complete feeling that whoever is on the other side is about to lose connection and leave the video call, which happens the moment you decide to hang up to pretend it’s impossible to stay inside.

To make it work, you only have to download a small software from its official website and download a filter that is responsible for simulating that bad connection. Once installed, you have to tell the video chat application to use the Snapcam as the default camera so that it is through it that our manipulated audio and video signal passes to, precisely, give the feeling to all attendees that we are about to disconnect … against our will.

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