To test a Samsung Galaxy from an iPhone mobile

captura102 730x382.jpg
captura102 730x382.jpg

If you have an iPhone and you are curious to try the experience of having a Samsung Galaxy mobile, now you can do it without having to pay anything to anyone.

This is a website that Samsung has launched to attract the iPhone to the public, a website called “iTest” that transforms the iPhone interface to do the opposite of what we discussed a few days ago (transform an Android into an iPhone with a launcher).

In both cases it is pure makeup. Having an iPhone is having access to a lot of services offered by Apple, to the apps we have bought, to the music from iTunes … the same happens with Android users, if they take away my Huawei and give me an iPhone, I would have to start from scratch with a lot of things.

The fact is that even so Samsung has thought that it would be a good idea to allow to navigate between pre-made templates of messages and other interfaces known to the brand, and the experience is really very interesting.

If you want to try it, go to and scan the QR code that appears there. Then the web will ask to put a shortcut to access this simulation and thus see the video of the Samsung camera, see what the message or phone app is like.

What is clear is that migrating from iOs to android, or vice versa, is much more than changing phones, there is a whole “ecosystem” (although there is little of “echo”) behind that is the one that really traps the user to one u another platform, and that’s hard to simulate today.