Toon Me: How to Turn Your Face into a Simpsons Cartoon or Character


How many selfies do you take every day? If you like to share them on Instagram, Facebook stories or statuses of WhatsApp, now you can give a creative touch to each of your self-portraits with this new app.

It’s called and it has the ability to turn any image of you into a cartoon. The process is quite easy and you only need to have the app installed on your cell phone.

Although at first it stopped working, now it has been relaunched again and you can now try various filters or effects to add them to your self-portraits in a fairly easy and fun way.

At the moment it can only be trained on your Android terminal, there is no similar alternative on iOS, although we do not doubt that apps like TikTok or Instagram add effects in this way.


The application that produces these types of effects will ask your permission not only to access your camera, but also your photo gallery so that you can archive the drawings:

  • In order to download the ToonMe application, go to this link Google play.
  • After having it on your cell phone, simply give it the corresponding permissions.
  • Below you will see various effects that you can choose from.
Toonme is called the application that turns you into a Simpsons character.  (Photo: MAG)
Toonme is called the application that turns you into a Simpsons character. (Photo: MAG)
  • Once you’ve put an effect on, take a photo of yourself.
  • Let it process the image, although advertising may appear, and voila.
  • You can share the photo with the effect you chose on a social network such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp.
  • You can also save it on your device to improve it.