Tremble Tesla! The new electric Hummer already has a date: it will have 1,000CV and great autonomy

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It was in February when GMC unveiled the project they had in hand to bring one of its most iconic models back to life and to the one who was going to offer a second electric chance. It was the Hummer, that armored vehicle that has served in many of the wars in which the US has been involved and that would return to the market with a redesign of its appearance, but, above all, embracing new electrical technologies.

Tesla already thought that other car brands were going to clear the way for his new Cybertruck, but he was wrong. General Motors has just announced that on April 3 it launches its new version of the Hummer, ten years after finishing the manufacture of its latest models with fuel engines.

The new electric Hummer already has a date

General Motors to reveal its SUV version of its fully electric Hummer EV on April 3the company announced. The automaker unveiled its pickup version, featuring 560 km of autonomy and a host of high-tech features, last October.

New Electric Hummer GM-Hummer

GM, which is producing the electric Hummers under its GMC brand, did not say when the SUV is expected to go into production. The electric pickup truck will begin to be assembled later this year, with the highest specification trim level available to customers first.

GMC also showed off its pre-production Hummer EV handling some snow conditions in Michigan’s upper peninsula. The company highlights the off-road capabilities of the electric vehicle as a way to align itself with the all-important truck market, which has thus far largely diverged from the electrification trend.

“Resurrected” after retiring in 2010

GM decided to recall the Hummer in 2010, after the global recession sent fuel prices up. Now the company is reviving the brand as it invests billions of dollars in developing dozens of new electric vehicles in the coming years. The company even redesigned its logo to look more like an electrical outlet to emphasize your turn to battery-powered vehicles.

It will be a huge car

The Hummer will be the first vehicle to be built on GM’s new battery-electric platform, Ultium, that offers a power that varies from 50 to 200 kWh, which allows a driving range of up to “560 km or more”For trucks, the Ultium platform will include 800-volt battery packs and 350 kW fast-charge capacity.

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