Trick in WhatsApp to create a chat with yourself … and yes, it has its advantages

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Have you ever wanted to know yourself better? I know, it sounds funny and even illogical, but there are several utilities to open a chat with yourself in WhatsApp, the controversial instant messaging app that is losing millions of users due to its privacy policies.

Have a chat WhatsApp With oneself it is used to save notes and thus always have them at hand, in addition to making recordings, photos, videos and documents. In addition, all this material will always be available when we access the account and will not be hosted on the phone. If one day you lose your mobile, all that material will already be in the chat.

But how do you do this trick in WhatsApp? The question is simple and can be run on Apple’s Android and iOS versions.

You will have to use the ‘Click to chat’ feature which allows users to start a conversation with someone without having their phone number saved.

The first thing you should do is access the Internet browser and write in the address bar https://wa.me/XXXXXXXXXXX, replacing the X with your phone number. Don’t forget to omit the + symbol and the zeros before the number.

Then click on ‘Continue to Chat’ and it will open in the application WhatsApp an empty chat ready to use.

WHATSAPP | Response about changes

The communiqué of WhatsApp It takes place after having announced the binding nature of the conditions and privacy policies for all its users. Those who do not agree that WhatsApp share the community data with Facebook and other affiliated companies will not be able to continue using the application.

“We want to address some rumors and be 100% clear: we continue to protect your private messages with end-to-end encryption”, public WhatsApp on his Twitter account.

WhatsAppIn addition, it published an image with all these points about what it does and what not with the data of its users.

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