TrimAndResize, a program to resize and adjust images

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Sometimes we have tools that exceed the needs that we frequently present to myself. This can be seen as that we are under using the tool and from another perspective, we are consuming resources to do just a simple process. This is very common in tasks related to graphic editing and for this reason we want to present you an alternative to fulfill a specific task: adjust images.

It is TrimAndResize, a simple application for Windows whose function is to adjust images by eliminating the white spaces that are left over.

Do you need to adjust images? There is an application to achieve it

It often happens that we frequently need to resize an image and for this, we have Photoshop installed on the computer. While it is an excellent tool, having it solely to resize photos is an unnecessary waste of resources. So, if we have a recurring task to fulfill on some images, the ideal is to look for a tool that fulfills it without greater demands on resources.

In that sense, when it comes to fitting images to the canvas, eliminating excess spaces, you can try TrimAndResize. As the name implies, the application addresses everything related to photo cropping and resizing. These settings are quite simple to apply and in this application much more.

When you run the application you will see that it is a very simple software. Its interface consists of a small window where when loading the image you will have a preview of the result and the original. Right next to it, you will have the options box where you can define everything you need. Here you will find predefined dimensions and automatic options to remove excess white space from the image.

When you are satisfied with the preview, you just have to click “Convert” to process the result. TrimAndResize is a very good option if you frequently need to resize or crop images. Thus, instead of occupying programs that represent an unnecessary consumption of resources for the system, you will be able to use this light, free and simple alternative.

To prove it, follow this link.


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