Trio Max: now you can add several portable screens to your computer

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Who else who least has become accustomed to having a couple of monitors connected to the PC at home because, thanks to them, their productivity soars, since it is possible to have two applications open at the same time, and at sight, to consult any data that we need to have on hand. In this way we take the hassle out of putting one in the foreground, consulting what we are looking for and then going to the other to continue with the work.

Trio Max for laptops.

That, which is normal in desktop PCs, is not so much in a laptop when we use it on the street, or in a makeshift office wherever we are, so accessories like this Trio Max are a breath of fresh air to boost our productivity with Windows 10 on-the-go version.

One monitor on each side

The images attract a lot of attention because they turn our laptop into a kind of NASA terminal where we can play games, read the news and check the notes we have on the agenda. Although such a configuration is possible, it will cost us twice as much money to get it. since the Trio Max are sold separately, one by one.

Connected by cable to our computer, They are 14 inches in size and are recommended for laptops with screens between 15 and 15.6 inches., so that the magnetic anchors that we have to install grip without problems. Of course it has FullHD resolution, this is 1,920×1,080 pixels, they are absolutely plug-and-play (with brand-specific drivers and software) and allow a full rotation of up to 270º to better guide them, and that our movement when looking at it be as natural as possible.

Trio Max for laptops.

Made of ABS plastic, they need a current of 4.5W, they have adjustable brightness, they are light and compatible with Windows 10, macOS X, Linux and Chromium, in addition to all Android devices with USB-C as the connection standard. Right now the responsible company is gathering orders to send them from August 11, that is, in just one week.

If you are interested, You have it at a price of $ 249, that is, 210 euros to change. If you prefer to buy the two monitors at once, the cost increases to $ 535, that is, about 455 euros on Indiegogo, which is the crowdfunding platform on which it is available after a financing process that has ended successfully, reaching almost $ 1,300,000 compared to almost 700,000 that were imposed from Mobile Pixels as a target.