Try GTA Vice City as it was initially conceived

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I still remember the surprise with which I received GTA Vice City, in the middle of 2003 (yes, like its predecessor, GTA III, I played it on PC). Accustomed to the darkness and the graphics of Liberty City (alter ego of New York) in the third installment of the saga (the first in 3D), the new graphic style and the luminosity of Vice City (alter ego of Miami) together with a aesthetically decidedly eighties, made it take me a while to realize the enormous game that I had in front of me. The number of hours that I have dedicated to it since then (more than I would confess in public) are the sample of my opinion on this title of the saga.

The main misfortune of GTA Vice City is to find itself, chronologically, between GTA III, which was a revolution, and GTA San Andreas, which for many remains the best game in the saga so far. However, a quick look at the criticisms given by players to the entire series shows us that GTA Vice City is the second most valued title, only behind San Andreas, in the PC versions.

  • Grand Theft Auto: 8.0
  • Grand Theft Auto II: 8.0
  • Grand Theft Auto III: 8.2
  • Grand Theft Auto Vice City: 8.8
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: 9.1
  • Grand Theft Auto IV: 6.9
  • Grand Theft Auto V: 7.8

It seems therefore, evident, that although he is not as mentioned as some of his series companions, GTA Vice City left a very good taste in the mouths of those who enjoyed it (and those who continue to do it) on PC, a good explanation of why Rockstar could be considering a remake of Vice City for the new generation of consoles, and that the community modder Please keep actively working on bringing new content and improvements to the game.

The latest example of this is found in Vice City: BETA Edition, a surprising and interesting mod for GTA Vice City that, as its name suggests (although it can be a bit confusing, I know), tries rescue elements that were initially in the game, in their alpha and beta phases, but that were eliminated in the final version of it.

Try GTA Vice City as it was initially conceived

Signed by modder KalvinMDB, the latest installment of Vice City: BETA Edition, which is now available for download (in beta, though), fixes multiple bugs from previous versions and add new elements, such as buildings and dialogues, in addition to bringing the aesthetics of GTA Vice City closer to what could be seen in the beta versions and in other content published before the game reached the market with its final design. In addition, for the first time, the mod has an installer, so applying it is now easier.

The current version of the mod is 3.5.6, although the next notable milestone will be version 4.0, still no date, in which KalvinMDB intends to finalize all modifications of the map, restore actions like drinking, gambling, and dating, or bring back songs that were originally to be found on GTA Vice City radio stations on the road.

We do not know why Rockstar ultimately decided to remove those items from GTA Vice City, and there is no doubt that even without them the end result was excellent. But despite this, it is very interesting to be able to test, in first person, the original project of the developers. And it is that, like the DVD popularized the reissues of films with the director’s cut, power test “developer’s project” It can be very interesting, especially if it brings new functions that, for whatever reason, did not finish to curdle in the original version.

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