Turn your iPhone’s Apple logo into a screen capture ‘button’

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iO14 has been with us for a little less than a week and the truth is that the amount of news it incorporates, far from the bright spotlights of widgets or the application library, are innumerable. And the one that we bring you today is not new, because some manufacturers of Android smartphones already used it in the past, but yes It’s an absolute first when it comes to Apple and its iPhones.

Basically what the Cupertino people have done is give life to the back of your phone, the one in which the bitten apple appears and that you can use as a kind of virtual button with which to carry out almost any task you imagine. We have chosen to select the screenshot, but in your case you can choose the function that you repeat the most every day.

Let’s create the new button

Basically what the new “Touch” function allows us is to predefine up to a couple of actions that will be launched after two or three touches followed in the back. The phone will be able to detect these taps and start a function that we have previously defined, since by default it is disabled in iOS 14. So to begin, we go to the “Settings” menu and then to “Accessibility”.

Set up new controls with iOS 14.

Once there we go to the functions of “Physical and motor skills” and the first option will be ours. The “Touch”. Now you scroll to the bottom of the menu and you will find “Touch back”, which leads to a last screen where you can configure both “Press twice” and “Triple press”. Now, you access each of them and assign a different task.

As we mentioned before, the range of functions that we can configure is quite wide and ranges from screenshots or going to the start menu, to raising or lowering the volume, start Siri, application selector, lock screen, mute, magnifying glass, VoiceOver, go up or down through the menus, add a shortcut that you have configured and even zoom the screen. As we say, we have decided to add screenshots because it is a function that we use daily, but it will be your needs that mark what you are going to choose.

Since you have everything configured, just use one finger to quickly tap two or three times. Whether you have the mobile in a case or not, iOS 14 will be able to detect when you are asking for something or, simply, you have touched the Apple logo by mistake.

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