TweepsBook, save and organize the tweets you like in a very simple way

2021 04 09 11 43 02.jpg
2021 04 09 11 43 02.jpg

We always talk about Twitter as a social network where we can find content of all kinds and also updated. This social network stands out above all in the news and current events, of any kind. In that sense, it is normal that sometimes we save interesting content. Therefore, we will present an alternative that will facilitate the process of saving and organizing tweets.

Its name is TweepsBook and it works as a tool oriented to save and organize tweets in an external board, based on categories.

So you can easily save and organize tweets

If you are in the middle of an investigation, it is logical that the intention is to collect data. If we start doing it on Twitter, we have the option to bookmark them, save the links, or take screenshots. However, none of these options is really comfortable, especially in relation to the organization of the material. For this reason, the service to save and organize tweets offered by TweepsBook is so interesting.

This tool offers the possibility of capturing the tweets that we want, taking them to an external board and organizing them as we want. In this way, we will have easier and faster access to all that material that we have saved.

To start using the tool, we will have to grant access permissions to our account. For security, we recommend creating an account especially to be used on TweepsBook. Once the account is connected, you will only have to go to the tweet you want to save and reply to it with the following format:

@tweepsbookcom bkm # Category

First, we mention the TweepsBook account, followed by the acronym “bkm” and the hashtag where “category” refers to the section where it will be saved. Every time you use a new hashtag, a new space will be created to save and organize tweets.

Then, to see what we have saved, just go to the service dashboard where you can see the categories created and their tweets. Thus, you will be able to carry out a more organized process, facilitating access to information.