Twitch, the new Sport category arrives: will it also broadcast Serie A?

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Twitch, the new Sport category arrives: will it also broadcast Serie A?

Amazon continues to focus on sporting events, as demonstrated by the new “Sports” category that has been added to its Twitch streaming service. Users will find content from football clubs such as Arsenal and Real Madrid, to which Paris Saint Germain and Juventus will be added later.

Obviously there will also be space for other competitions, and in fact, by connecting to TwitchSport it will also be possible to access contents of NBA, NHL, RFL, UFC and NWSL. Today an event is planned in the company of MLS star Jimmy Conrad, in which all the sports content that will be broadcast on Twitch will be shown.

As we said above, Amazon is focusing heavily on sports and this addition follows the Premier League broadcast on Twitch, which the Jeff Bezos giant announced after the resumption of the English football championship following the lockdown imposed by Coronavirus. In Germany, e-commerce was also awarded the package for the stream of some UEFA Champions League matches which will resume shortly.

It is therefore impossible not to think of future of Serie A. This summer, in fact, TV rights will be assigned for the next three years of our championship, and there has been talking for some time of a possible offer from Amazon, especially after Sky has lost the exclusivity for online. Will Twitch be one of the new houses in our league?