Twitch will examine user behavior off the platform

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Twitch, the streaming service owned by Amazon, is going to reinforce the behavioral demands of its users outside the platform. This includes violent attitudes, belonging to groups that spread hate speech, terrorism, harassment, child exploitation, threats to Twitch staff or users of the platform.

Twitch was limited until now to penalize offensive behavior within the platform

Until now, Twitch’s rules were limited to the attitude of streamers on the platform. Although on occasion he had taken action against users who had committed serious facts off Twitch, this possibility was not contemplated in the rules of the social network.

This reform of Twitch’s conduct policy is a reaction by the platform to various events that have called into question its commitment to good user behavior. Mainly, this new stance comes from the wave of denunciations of the #MeToo movement in the field of the video game industry. Numerous women claimed to have been harassed by Twitch streamers, prompting the company to rethink its stance.

Twitch has acknowledged that it currently does not have the ability to deal with certain violent or offensive attitudes that are not covered in its usage policy. The list of offensive behaviors contemplated by the platform is limited to those that “pose an immediate threat to physical integrity.”

In recent months, Twitch has taken a series of measures aimed at adapting its social network to the demands of the moment. In January, following the assault on the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump, he reinforced his policy against hate speech and banned the display of the Confederate flag, one of the symbols carried by the assailants.

To adjust its conduct policy and prevent these behaviors, Twitch has contracted with a company that is responsible for initiating these types of investigations. This team is dedicated to examine user behavior for reporting of those who have broken the rules. Among the evidence they collect are screenshots, photographs, emails and all kinds of information that can corroborate that the user has committed some of the offenses that would justify their expulsion from Twitch.

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